Secondary Operations

O.W. Landergren offers its customers expert prototype and production metal crafting through its complete metal spinning, fabrication and welding, machining and inspection departments. The more of these metal crafting secondary services that your parts require, the better we are to serve your needs.

  • Machining
    Drilling, Counter Boring, Counter Sink, Milling Slots, Windows Pockets and various other contours, Turning Steps I.D., O.D., Facing, Broach, Honing, Grinding
  • Fabrication
    Punching, Notching, Bending, Extruding, Shearing, Rolling, Deburring, Beadblast, Grinding, Plasma Cutting, *Tumbling, *Laser Cutting
  • Punching & Hydraulic Press Work
    Extruding, Holes, Slots, *Stamping, *Hydroforming
  • Welding
    MIG, TIG, Heli-Arc, *Vacuum, *Electron Beam, Stud, Nut, Brackets *Laser, Brazing, *Dip Brazing, Silver Solder, Lead Solder
  • Heat Treating
    Annealing, T6, T4, Stress Relieve, Full Bright Annealing

* Denotes a secondary operation that is currently outsourced