Industries Served

Why Leading Industries Use O.W. Landergren

O.W.Landergren is an industrious company with highly skilled craftsmen dedicated to the art of Metal Spinning, Fabrication, Welding and General Machining. We have established ourselves by demonstrating to our customers the commitment every member of our work force has in implementing our Quality Management System. In order to achieve total quality, we believe in the concept of utilizing our most valued resource: every employee in our organization. We are all dedicated to achieve customer satisfaction through teamwork and realizing that innovation is our competitive advantage.

By fulfilling everyone’s responsibility in communication and by exercising sound ethics and professionalism we can govern and substantiate our strength in the manufacturing industry.

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Corona Shields, Toroids, Static Shields & Spheres, Metal Components of High Temperature Alloys, Missile Components such as Nose Cones, Tail Cones and Sub-Assemblies used in Aircraft Refueling Systems. Spun Housings used for Airport Lighting Equipment. Centrifuge Components, such as Windshields and Covers used for Blood Analysis Equipment for the Medical Field. Components used in Power Tube Assemblies, Evaporation Domes used in Computer Chip Manufacturing. Cooling Chambers, Screens & Filters used in Paper Manufacturing. Jet Assemblies, Defusers, Cold Caps and Baffles used in the Vacuum Industry. Fabrication of Metal Cabinets, Frames, Guards and Control Panels.