Since 1956, O.W. Landergren, Inc. has provided metal spinning, fabrication, welding and machining to a wide variety of industries. To help eliminate outside sourcing, we offer secondary services including turning, stamping, assembly and finishing. Our customers get top-quality, cost-effective products made by highly skilled craftsmen. We are particularly favored when it comes to prototypes, short runs, and even longer runs when quality is critical.

For over 50 years, O.W. Landergren has provided its customers with top-quality, cost-effective products made by highly skilled craftsmen.

We work closely with our customers, designers, and engineers in all industries to improve cost effectiveness and product integrity.

Tell us about your design requirements and let us show you the value in our full service operation.

Who We Are

O.W. Landergren, Inc. was incorporated in 1956 and now has a work force of 35 employees. We offer services in metal spinning, metal fabrication, welding and general machining. When we manufacture parts with secondary operations, whether it be turning, stamping, machining, welding, assembling, or applying various finishes to our parts, we are better able to serve you. In fact the more of these secondary operations that the finished part requires, the better our position to offer our customers a more cost efficient product as well as quality and the necessary lead time to complete the part by eliminating outside sourcing.

It seems like yesterday, but it has been over 20 years that you have been supplying DRI-AIR Industries with quality and innovative products. Your ability to work with us in designing cost effective and functional products...

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